Elizabeth Bowie Christoforetti Spring 2018

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Elizabeth Bowie Christoforetti

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Elizabeth Bowie Christoforetti Spring 2018

Elizabeth Bowie Christoforetti Spring 2018


Thursday, February 8, 2018

About:  Elizabeth Bowie Christoforetti received a Master in Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where she now teaches design studios in the Architecture department. She also holds degrees from Bowdoin College and The Art Institute of Chicago. From 2014-2016, Elizabeth conducted research within the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, where she utilized emerging technologies to better align human experience with urban development.

Elizabeth is design director and founder of Supernormal, a practice that bridges the disciplines of architecture, urban design, and planning. This approach requires careful attention to urban systems and the constraints of real estate development, and prioritizes methods of understanding and projecting change over time and change over location as first principles in design practice.

Article (2012-2017):

Christoforetti, Elizabeth and Timothy Love. 2013. “Wash ‘n’ Dry City: Rather than an Elevated and Defensive City, what if our Plans for Urban Resilience Increased Permeability on both the x and the y Axes?” Architecture Boston 17 (1): 42-43.

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Supernormal Design Firm: https://www.supernormal.io/bios/elizabeth-christoforetti/



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