Celeste Olalquiaga Spring 2018

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Celeste Olalquiaga

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Celeste Olalquiaga Spring 2018

Celeste Olalquiaga Spring 2018

El Helicoide:  A Futuristic Living Ruin in Caracas

Thursday, March 8, 2018

About: Celeste Olalquiaga is a cultural historian dedicated to rescuing lost causes. Olalquiaga, founder of Proyecto Helicoide (Project Helix) seeks to rescue the extraordinary modern ruin of El Helicoide, in Caracas. The project has produced award-winning exhibitions and fueled Downward Spiral: El Helicoide’s Descent From Mall to Prison (Terreform/Urban Research), co-edited with Lisa Blackmore.

Olalquiaga’s first book, Megalopolis: Contemporary Cultural Sensibilities (1992) illuminates popular urban culture and postmodernity in an accessible way. Megalopolis maps out topics of modern ruins and kitsch. Her second book, The Artificial Kingdom: A Treasury of the Kitsch Experience (1998) presents kitsch as a cultural sensibility and a product of industrialization, and showing its complexity as a modern phenomenon.


Olalquiaga, Celeste. 1998. The artificial kingdom : A treasury of the kitsch experience. New York: Pantheon Books. Architecture – BH301.K5 O43 1998

_________1992. Megalopolis : Contemporary cultural sensibilities. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Architecture – HM449 .O43 1992

Books listed above are available in the CCNY Architecture Library except where noted.

Article (2003):
Düttmann, Martina, Celeste Olalquiaga, et al. 2003. “Caracas.” Bauwelt 94, no. 48: 10-77. Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, EBSCOhost (Request via Inter-Library Loan)
Articles listed above are available in the CCNY Architecture Library except where noted.


A dedication to the work of Celeste Olalquiaga https://www.celesteolalquiaga.com/

Proyecto Helicoide, a project El Helicoide de la Roca Tarpeya in Caracas, Venezuela.




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