Current Items on Reserves

TitleAuthorCall Number
100 questions (and answers) about research methodsSalkind, Neil J.H62 .S3195 2012
A colony of citizens : revolution and slave emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1787-1804Dubois, Laurent,F2151 .D83 2004
A history of African motherhood : the case of Uganda, 700-1900Stephens, RhiannonHQ759 .S6884 2015
A history of modern Europe: from the French Revolution to the Present (3rd Edition)( RED BOOK )Merriman, John M.D228 .M485 2009
A history of modern Europe: from the Renaissance to the present (3rd Edition)( PURPLE BOOK )Merriman, John M.D228 .M485 2010
A history of psychiatry : from the era of the asylum to the age of ProzacShorter, EdwardRC438 .S54 1997
A history of the world in seven cheap things : a guide to capitalism, nature, and the future of the planetPatel, Raj,GF41 .P36 2017
A Jew in the French Revolution : the life of Zalkind HourwitzMalino, Frances.DS135 .F9 H685 1996
A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students andTurabian, Kate L.LB2369 .T8 2013
A pocket guide to writing in history (7th Edition)Rampolla, Mary LynnD13 .R295 2012
A pocket guide to writing in history (8th Edition)Rampolla, Mary LynnD13 .R295 2015
A practical guide for policy analysis : the eightfold path to more effective problem solvingBardach, EugeneH97 .B37 2016
A practical introduction to literary studyBrown, James S.PR21 .B76 2005
A search for sovereignty : law and geography in European Empires, 1400--1900Benton, Lauren A.,KJC1337 .B46 2010
A short guide to writing about artBarnet, SylvanN7476 .B37 2003
A short guide to writing about art (10th Edition)Barnet, SylvanN7476 .B37 2011
A short guide to writing about art (11th Edition)Barnet, SylvanN7476 .B37 2015
A short guide to writing about art (8th Edition)Sylvan BarnettN7476 .B37 2005
A short guide to writing about art (9th Edition)Barnet, SylvanN7476 .B37 2008
A short history of European lawHerzog, TamarKJ147 .H47 2018
A short history of ReconstructionFoner, EricE668 .F662 2015
A short history of the French RevolutionPopkin, Jeremy D.,DC148 .P67 2010
A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil SpillMuseum of ScienceB1143 2011
A Sor Juana anthologyJuana Inés de la Cruz, SisterPQ7296 .J6 A28 1988
A turbulent time : the French Revolution and the Greater CaribbeanDavid Barry Gaspar and David Patrick GeggusF1621 .T85 1997
A way of seeing; photographs of New York.Levitt, Helen.TR650 .L45
A woman in Berlin : eight weeks in the conquered city : a diaryAnonymous & Boehm, PhilipD757.9 .B4 W66 2005
Abina and the important men : a graphic historyGetz, Trevor R.KRX46 .M36 G48 2016
Abnormal PsychologyButcher, James N./ Mineka, Susan/ Hooley, Jill M.RC454 .B87 2012
Abnormal PsychologyComer, Ronald J.RC454 .C6343 2015
Abnormal PsychologyHansell, James/ Damour, LisaRC454 .H354 2009
Account of the martyrs in the provinces of la Florida Oré, Luis Jerónimo de,F314.O72713 2017
Accouting PrinciplesWeygandtHF5635 .W524 2015
Ad critique : how to deconstruct ads in order to build better advertisingTag, Nancy R.HF5823 .T155 2012
Adult development and aging : biopsychosocial perspectivesWhitbourne, Susan KraussHQ1061 .W48 2011
Advertising & IMC : principles & practice /Moriarty, Sandra E.HF5823 .W455 2012
Advertising Concept and CopyFelton, GeorgeHF5823 .F43 2006
Advertising Concept and CopyFelton, GeorgeHF5823 .F43 2013
Affirming diversity : the sociopolitical context of multicultural educationNieto, Sonia/ Bode, PattyLC1099.3 .N54 2008
Affirming diversity : the sociopolitical context of multicultural educationNieto, Sonia/ Bode, PattyLC1099.3 .N54 2012
Africa since 1940 : the past of the present /Cooper, Frederick,DT30 .C595 2002
Ahhiyawa TextsBeckman, Gary MP945 .A3 B43 2011
Ain't no makin' it : aspirations and attainment in a low-income neighborhoodMacLeod, JayHV4045 .M33 1995
Air and WeatherFossB1118 2009
Akhenaten, the heretic kingRedford, Donald B.DT87.4 .R42 1984
All quiet on the western frontRemarque, Erich MariaPT2635 .E68 I625 1958g
Alone together : why we expect more from technology and less from each otherTurkle, SherryHM851 .T86 2011
Altered loves : mothers and daughters during adolescenceApter, T. E.HQ798 .A735 1990
American art to 1900 : a documentary historyBurns, SarahN6505 .B87 2009
American courts : process and policy (7th Edition)Baum, LawrenceKF8700 .B38 2013
American educationSpring, Joel HLC191.4 .S684 2012
Anthroplogy of TurquoiseMeloy, EllenF595.3 .M45 2002
Anthropology & LawDonovan, JamesK487 .A57 D66 2003
Anthropology : the human challenge (14th Edition)Haviland, William A.GN25 .H38 2014
Anthropology : what does it mean to be human?Lavenda, Robert H.GN25 .L38 2014
Anthropology : what does it mean to be human?Robert H. Lavenda, Emily A. Schultz.GN25 .L38 2018
Anthropology and Law: A Critical IntroductionGoodale, MarkK487 .A57 G66 2017
Antología de autores españoles : antiguos y modernosAntonio Sánchez-RomeraloPQ6172 .A67 1992
Antología de los poetas del 27PQ6187 .A6155 1990
Ao redor do mundoElena ComoPC5071 .A58 2013
Applied statistics in business and economicsDoane, David P. & Seward, Lori E.HF1017 .D55 2013
"Aquí, ninfas del sur, venid ligeras" : voces poéticas virreinalesChang-Rodriguez, RaquelPQ7084 .A695 2008
Art + revolution : the life and death of Thami Mnyele, South African artistWylie, DianaN7396.M57 W95 2008
Art and archaeology of pre-Columbian CubaDacal Moure, RamónF 1619.2 .T3 D33 1996
Art and architecture in MexicoOles, JamesN6550 .O425 2013
Art and its publics : museum studies at the millenniumMcClellan, AndrewN435 .A78 2003
Art in Latin America : the modern era, 1820-1980Ades, DawnN6502 .A3 1989
Art in theory, 1900-2000 : an anthology of changing ideasHarrison, CharlesN6490 .A7167 2003
Art of Ancient EgyptRobins, GayN5350 .R63 1997
Art since 1940 : strategies of beingFineberg, Jonathan DavidN6512.5 .M63 F56 2011
Art: A Brief History (1st Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 1999
Art: A Brief History (2nd Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 2003
Art: A Brief History (3rd Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 2007
Art: A Brief History (4th Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 2010
Art: A Brief History (4th Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 2011a
Art: A Brief History (5th Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 2013
Art: A Brief History (6th Edition)Stokstad, MarilynN5300 .S923 2016
Artificial hells : participatory art and the politics of spectatorshipBishop, ClaireN6494 .I57 B57 2012
Artists on the left : American artists and the Communist movement, 1926-1956Hemingway, AndrewN72 .P6 H46 2002
Atlas of Science LiteracyAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceB1136 Vol. 1 & 2
Augustine of HippoBrown, PeterBR1720 .A9 B7 1986
Balance & MotionFossB1119 2009
Balls & RampsEducation Development Center, Inc. B536
Basic Marketing ResearchMalhotra, Naresh K.HF5415.2 .M288 2012
Believing is seeing: Observations on the Mysteries of PhotographyMorris, ErrolTR820.5 .M676 2011
Biological psychology : an introduction to behavioral, cognitive, and clinical neuroscienceBreedlove, S. MarcQP360 .B727 2013
BiopsychologyPinel, JohnQP360 .P463 2009
BiopsychologyPinel, JohnQP360 .P463 2011
Black Rice: The African Origin of Rice Cultivation in the AmericasCarny, Judith A.SB191 .R5 C35 2001
Bold plum : with the guerrillas in China's war against JapLindsay, Hsiao LiDS777.5315 .L535 2007
Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las IndiasCasas, Bartolomé de lasF1411 .C316 2006
Brevísima relación de la destruición de las IndiasCasas, Bartolomé de las,F1411 .C315 1996
BruegelGibson, Walter SND673 .B73 G47 1977b
Bruegel; the painter and his worldBrueghel, PieterND673 .B73 A423
Burning with desire : the conception of photographyBatchen, GeoffreyTR15 .B37 1999
Camera : a history of photography from daguerreotype to digitalGustavson, ToddTR15 .G88 2009
CaravaggioHibbard, HowardND623 .C26 H44 1985
Careers in Psychology: Opportunities in a Changing WorldKuther, TaraBF76 .K88 2013
Caribbean pleasure industry : tourism, sexuality, and AIDS in the Dominican RepublicPadilla, MarkHQ162.5 .A5 P33 2007
Caring on the Clock: The Complexities and Contradictions of Paid Care WorkMignon DuffyHD8039 .S45 C37 2015
Case studies in child, adolescent, and family treatmentLeCroy, Craig W.RJ504 .L43 2015
Catching the Wind: Designing WindmillsMuseum of ScienceB1144 2011
China and Albert Einstein : the reception of the physicist and his theory in China 1917-1979Hu, DanianQC16 .E5 H79 2005
China in the 21st century : what everyone needs to knowWasserstrom, Jeffrey N.DS779.4 .W376 2013
China Voyager Gist Gee's Life in Science William J. HaasQH31 .G35 H33 1996
Chronicle of the queens of Egypt : from early dynastic times to the death of CleopatTyldesley, Joyce A.DT83 .T95 2006
Circuits & PathwaysEducation Development Center, Inc. B540
Cite right : a quick guide to citation stylesLipson, CharlesPN171 .F56 L55 2006
Civilization and capitalismBraudel, FernandHC51 .B67413 1992
Civilization and its discontentsFreud, SigmundBF173 .F682 2005
Clarence H. White and his world : the art & craft of photography, 1895-1925McCauley, Elizabeth AnneTR647 .W454 2017
Classical Sociological TheoryCalhoun, Gerteis, Moody, Pfaff and VirkHM435 .C53 2012
Cognition : exploring the science of the mind (5th Edition)Reisberg, DanielBF201 .R45 2013
Cognition : exploring the science of the mind (6th Edition)Reisberg, DanielBF201 .R45 2017
Cognition: A Neuroscience ApproachArnold Lewis GlassBF311 .G5423 2016
Cognitive psychology : Connecting mind, research and everyday experienceGoldstein, Bruce E.BF201 .G65 2015
Collaborations with the past : reshaping Shakespeare across time and mediaHenderson, Diana E.,PR2880 .A1 H46 2006
Colonial Latin American literature : a very short introductionAdorno, RolenaPQ7081 .A36 2011
Color rush : American color photography from Stieglitz to ShermanBussard, Katherine A.TR645 .M52 M523 2013
Comentarios reales de los IncasVega, Garcilaso de la,F3442 .V37 1985b
Commemorations: The Politics of National IdentityGillis, John R.CB197 .C66 1994
Comparative Enviromental Politics: Theory, Practice, & ProspectsSteinberg, Paul F.GE180 .C655 2012
Comparative politics : notes and readingsBrown, bernard E.JF51 .C617 2006
Concepts of Chemical DependencyDoweiko, Harold E.RC564 .D68 2015
Concise public speaking handbookBeebe, StevenPN4129.15 .B42 2009
Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War SouthMcCurry, Stephanie.E487 .M18 2010
ConfessionsSaint AugustineBR65 .A6 1961
Constitutional law for a changing America : rights, liberties, and justiceEpstein, LeeKF4748 .E67 2013
Constitutional law for a changing America.Institutional powers and constraintsEpstein, LeeKF4550 .E67 2014
Constructions of DevianceAdler, Patricia A.HM811 .C64 2012
Constructions of DevianceAdler, Patricia A.HM811 .C64 2016
Consumer BehaviorSchiffman, Leon G.HF5415.32 .S35 2015
Consumer behavior : building marketing strategyHawkins, DelHF5415.33 .U6 H38 2013
Consumer behavior : building marketing strategyHawkins, Del I.HF5415.33.U6 H38 2016
Contemporary public sculpture : tradition, transformation, and controversySenie, HarrietNB198 .S355 1992
Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of StrangersAppiah, Kwane AnthonyBJ1031 .A63 2006
Criminal Procedure: A Contemporary PerspectiveAcker, James R.KF9619 .A72165 2013
Critical Issues in Public Art: Content, Context, & ControversySenie, Harriet F.N8835 .C75 1992
Critical Issues in Public Art: Content, Context, & ControversySenie, Harriet F.N8835 .C75 1998
Culture in ActionJacob, Mary JaneN72 .S6 C86 1995
Culture Works: Space, Value, and Mobility across the Neoliberal AmericasDavila, ArleneF1408.3 .D37 2012
Current PsychotherapiesCorsini, Raymond J.RC480 .C7 2014
Cutlip and Center's effective public relationsBroom, Glen MHM1221 .C88 2013
Dawn to the West : Japanese literature of the modern era (Volume 1 & 2)Keene, DonaldPL726.55 .K39 1984
Defining nations : immigrants and citizens in early modern Spain and Spanish AmericaHerzog, TamarJN8399 .C26 H47 2003
Democracy in AmericaTocqueville, Alexis deJK216 .T713 2000b
Design BasicsLauer, David A./ Pentak, StephenNK1510 .L38 2005
Design For CommunicationResnick, ElizabethNC1000 .R47 2003
Design Manual, 4th. edBrainard, ShirlNK1510 .B773 2006
Designing Water Filters Water Water EverywhereMuseum of ScienceB1128
Disorderly women : sexual politics & Evangelicalism in revolutionary New EnglandJuster, SusanBX6239 .J87 1994
Disorders of childhood : development and psychopathologyParritz, Robin HornikRJ499 .P35 2018
Disorders of childhood : development and psychopathologyParritz, Robin HornikRJ499 .P377 2014
Diving Into SciencePBISB1130
Domingos Alvares, African Healing, and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic WorldSweet, James H.HT869 .A58 S84 2011
Don Quixote of La ManchaCervantes Saavedra, Miguel de,PQ6329 .A2 2003b
Drugs, Society and Human Behavior (16th Edition)Hart, Carl L.RM316 .H37 2015
Drugs, society, and human behaviorHart, Carl L.RM316 .H37 2013
Eating CultureGillian CrowtherGN407 .C769 2018
Economic developmentMichael P. TodaroHD82 .T552 2012
Economic sentiments : Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the EnlightenmentRothschild, EmmaHB83 .R68 2001
El Espanol de AmericaJohn M LipskiPC4821 .L5618 1996g
El español y su estructuraBurunat, SilviaPC4112 .B87 2012
El Espanol y Su SintaxisBurunat, SilviaPC4129 .E5 B87 2012
Elementary Mathematics for TeachersParker, ThomasQA135.6 .P3 2004
English romantic verseWright, DavidPR1219 .E5 1986g
Environmental policy : new directions for the twenty-first century (9th Edition)Vig, Norman J.GE180 .E546 2016
Environmental politics : domestic and global dimensionsVaughn, JacquelineGE170 .S95 2011
Environmental politics and policy /Rosenbaum, Walter AGE180 .R66 2017
EnvironmentsFossB1009 2009
Essentials of investmentsBodie, ZviHG4521 .B563 2008
Essentials of sociology (4th Edition)Giddens, AnthonyHM585 .G52 2013
Essentials of sociology (5th Edition)Giddens, AnthonyHM585 .G52 2015
Essentials of statistics for the behavioral sciencesGravetter, Frederick JHA29 .G726 2011
Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine: Contemporary Readings in Bioethics (8th Edition)Steinbock/ Arras/ LondonR724 .E788 2012
Ethnicity and race : making identities in a changing worldCornell, Stephen E.HT1521 .C64 1998
Evaluation : a systematic approachRossi, PeterH62 .R666 2004
Expelling the poor : Atlantic Seaboard states and the nineteenth-century origins of American immigration policyHirota, Hidetaka,JV6483.H57 2017
Experiences in Math for Young ChildrenCharlesworth, RosalindQA135.6 .C475 2005
Experimental psychology : a case approachMacLin, M. Kimberly.BF181 .S68 2008
Exploring philosophy: an introductory anthology (3rd Edition)Cahn, Steven MBD21 E96 2009
Exploring philosophy: an introductory anthology (4th Edition)Cahn, Steven MBD21 .E96 2012
Exploring the Elements of DesignEvans, PoppyNC997 .E94 2003
FabricFossB1115 2009
Facing east from Indian country : a Native history of early AmericaRichter, Daniel K.E98 .F39 R53 2001
Facing the anthropocene : fossil capitalism and the crisis of the earth systemAngus, IanGF75 .A64 2016
Farmers, traders, warriors, and kings : female power and authority in northern Igboland, 1900-1960Achebe, NwandoDT515.45 .I33 A33 2005
Field Experience Guide: Resources for Teachers of Elementary and Middle School MathematicsVan de Walle, John A.QA135.5 .V34 2004
Field Experience Guide: Resources for Teachers of Elementary and Middle School MathematicsVan de Walle, John A.QA135.5 .V34 2007
Fieldworking Reading and Writing ResearchBonnie Stone Sunstein GN346 .S86 2012
Film Art An IntroductionBordwell, David; Thompson, Kristin; Smith, JeffPN1995 .B617 2015
Film Art: An IntroductionBordwell, David and Thompson, KristinPN1995 .B617 2013
First Footprints : the epic story of the First Australians Cane, Scott.DU123.4 .C36 2013
Five lectures on psycho-analysisFreud, SigmundBF173 .F6784 1989
Flash in modern photography.Mortensen, William.TR605 .M65
Flash!Edgerton, Harold EugeneTR592 .E3
Following the BallCleveland, ToddGV944 .P8 C54 2017
Food & Nutrition Teacher GuideFossB1003 2009
Force & MotionFossB547
Forgotten ally : China's World War II, 1937-1945Mitter, Rana,DS777.53 .M555 2013
Framing America : a social history of American artPohl, Frances K.N6512 .P59 2008
Frederick II: A Medieval EmperorABULAFIA, DavidDD151 .A2 1988
Freedom’s Frontier: California and the Struggle over Unfree Labor, Emancipation, and ReconstructionSmith, Stacey L.HD4875.U5 S525 2013
Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementDessler, GaryHF5549 .D437884 2014
Gang leader for a day : a rogue sociologist takes to the streetsVenkatesh, Sudhir AlladiHV6439 .U7 C46 2008b
Gardner's photographic sketch book of the Civil WarGardner, AlexanderE468.7 .G19 2001
Generations of feeling : a history of emotions, 600-1700Rosenwein, Barbara H.BF531 .R6825 2016
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern WorldWeatherford, JackDS22 .G45 W43 2004
Germans into Nazis /Fritzsche, PeterDD238 .F74 1998
GilgameshMason, HerbertPS3563 .A7923 G5 2003
Give me liberty! : an American historyFoner, EricE178 .F66 2012
Global Enviromental PoliticsChasek, Pamela S.GE170 .C46 2010
Global Enviromental PoliticsChasek, Pamela S.GE170 .C46 2017
Global issues : selections from CQ researcherCQ ResearcherJZ1318 .G558 2014
Going to the sources : a guide to historical research and writing (5th Ediiton)Brundage, AnthonyD16 .B893 2013
Good is the new cool : market like you give a damnAfdhel AzizHF5414 .A95 2016
Greek gods and heroesGraves, RobertBL782 .G68 1960
Group work : processes and applicationsBradley T. ErfordBF636.7 .G76 G79 2018
Group work with adolescents : principles and practiceMalekoff, AndrewHV1421 .M35 2014
Groups : a counseling specialtyGladding, Samuel T.BF636.7 .G76 G55 2012
Groupthink : psychological studies of policy decisions and fiascoesJanis, Irving L.E744 .J29 1982
Gustav Klimt, modernism in the makingKlimt, GustavN6811.5 .K55 A4 2001
HabitatsEducation Development Center, Inc. B545
Half slave and half free : the roots of Civil WarLevine, Bruce C.,E459 .L48 2005
Handbook of practical program evaluationH97 .H358 1994
Heart of a dogBulgakov, MikhailPG3476 .B78 S613 1987
Henri RousseauRousseau, HenriND553 .R67 B76 1977
History after apartheid : visual culture and public memory in a democratic South AfricaCoombes, Annie E.DT1725 .C66 2003
History of Africa (1st Edition)Kevin ShillingtonDT20 .S47 1989
History of Africa (2nd Edition)Kevin ShillingtonDT20 .S47 2012
History of modern art: painting, sculpture, architecture, photographyArnason, H. HarvardN6490 .A713 2013
History of PhotographyEder, Josef MariaTR15 .E383
History of the Theatre (10th Edition)Duffy, MargaretPN2101 .B68 2008
History of the World in 12 MapsBrotton, JerryG1030 .B7 2013
Hitler and Nazi Germany: A History Spielvogel, Jackson J.,DD247.H5 S648 2014
Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments, KJVAmerican Bible AssociationBS185 .G73 2002
House of WisdomAl-Khalili, JimQ127 .A5 A4 2011
How English works : a linguistic introduction Anne CurzanPE1106 .C876 2012
How Language Works: How Babies Babble, Words Change Meaning, and Language Live or DieCrystal, DavidP107 .C77 2007
How People Learn IIThe Engineering, and Medicine…LB1060 .N38 2018
Human Rights in International RelationsForsythe, David P.K3240 .F67 2012
I Am Not Your NegroPeck, RaoulE185.61 .B196 2017
Immigrant voices : new lives in America, 1773-2000Thomas Dublin.JV6450 .I553 1993
Immigrant voices : new lives in America, 1773-2000Thomas Dublin.JV6450 .I553 2014
Impossible subjects : illegal aliens and the making of modern AmericaNgai, Mae MJV6483 .N49 2004
Impressionism A&IJames Henry RubinND192 .I4 R83 1999
Impressionism : art, leisure, and Parisian societyHerbert, Robert L.,ND550 .H47 1988
In Search of the Trojan WarWood, MichaelDF221 .T8 W66 1998
In Search of the Trojan WarWood, MichaelDF221 .T8 W66 2008
In the darkroom : an illustrated guide to photographic processes before the digital age Kennel, Sarah.TR287.K46 2010
Indecent exposures : Eadweard Muybridge's Animal locomotion nudesGordon, SarahTR140.M89 G67 2015
InsectsFossB1123 2009
Integrated Chinese WORKBOOKLiu, Yuehua/ Yao, Tao-chungPL1129 .E5 I683 2009
Integrated Chinese. Level 1, Part 1Liu, Yuehua/ Yao, Tao-chungPL1129 .E5 I683 2009
Introduction to comparative politics : political challenges and changing agendasKesselman/ Krieger/ JosephJF51 .I59 2013
Introduction to comparative politics : political challenges and changing agendasJF51 .I59 2017
Introduction to Global PoliticsSteven LangJC319 .I66 2018
Introduction to hydrologyViessman, WarrenGB661.2 .V44 2003
Introduction to Philosophy Classical and Contemporary Readings (6th Edition)Perry, JohnBD21 .I54 2012
Introduction to SociologyGiddens, AnthonyHM585 .G53 2014
Introduction to Sociology(Tenth Edition)Giddens, AnthonyHM585 .G53 2016
Introduction to Sociology (Eleventh Edition)Deborah CarrHM585 .G53 2018
Inventing the French Revolution : essays on French political culture in the eighteenth centuryBaker, Keith MichaelDC138 .B23 1990
Inverted utopias : avant-garde art in Latin AmericaRamírez, Mari CarmenN6502.5 .R3613 2004
Investigating the social world : the process and practice of researchSchutt, Russell K.HN29 .S34 2015
Jacques-Louis DavidNanteuil, Luc deND553 .D25 N18 1990
Jailcare: Finding the Safety Net for Women Behind BarsSufrin, CarolynHV8738 .S84 2017
Japan pop! : inside the world of Japanese popular cultureTimothy J. Craig,DS822.5 .J386 2000
Journal of my life Jacques-Louis MénétraHD8039 .G52 F7313 1986
Justice : what's the right thing to do?Sandel, Michael JJC578 .S25 2010
Killer Stories: Killing in Short FictionPeters, G. D.PS624.5 2016
L.J.M. Daguerre (1787-1851), the world's first photographerGernsheim, Helmut.TR140 .D3 G47
La verdad sospechosaRuiz de Alarcón, JuanPQ6431.R8 V4 1986
LandformsFossB1113 2009
Language, culture, and communication : the meaning of messages Nancy BonvillainP35 .B6 1997
Las siete partidasKKT142 I384 .S5613 2001
Latin American artists of the twentieth centuryThe Museum of Modern ArtN6502.5 .L38 1993
Latin American democracy : emerging reality or endangered species? Richard L. MillettJL966 .L3585 2015
Latin American politics and developmentHarvey F. KlineF1410 .L39 2007
Latin American politics and developmentHarvey F. KlineF1410 .L39 2017
Latino U.S.A. : a cartoon historyStavans, IlanE184 .S75 S752 2000g
Lawsuits and Litigants in Castile, 1500-1700Kagan, Richard LKKT6053.42 .F48 K34 1981
Lawyers and Statecraft in Renaissance FlorenceMartines, LauroKKH5603.48 .M378 1968
Legal AnthropologyDonovan, James MK487 .A57 D663 2007
Levers & PulleysFossB1008 2009
Lima satirizadaLasarte, PedroPQ6429 .R66 Z464 2006
Limits of citizenship : migrants and postnational membership in EuropeSoysal, Yasemin NuhoğluJN94 .A92 S69 1994
Linguistics for DummiesP121 .B87 2012
Linguistics: A Complete IntroductionHornsby, DavidP121 .H410 2014
Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and CommunicationAkmajian, AdrianP121 .A4384 2010
Living Theatre: A History of Theatre (7th Edition)Edwin WilsonPN2101 .W54 2018
Living with the enemyFerrato, Donna.:HV6626.2 .F47 1991
London in the thirtiesBrandt, BillDA684 .B7379 1984
Long Lingering Shadow Slavery Race and Law in the American HemisphereCottrol, Robert JKDZ546 .C68 2013
Looking at photographs : a guide to technical terms Baldwin, Gordon,TR9 .B35 2009
Lost and Found The 9000 Treasures of TroyMoorehead, CarolineDF221 .T8 M58 1996
Lost at School: Why Our Kids with Behavioral Challenges are Falling through the Cracks.Greene, RossLC4801 .F72 2009g
Love in the time of choleraGarcía Márquez, GabrielPQ8180.17.A73 A813 1988
Love's Executioner and other tales of psychotherapyYalom, Irvin D.RC489 .E93 Y345 2000
Lucy, the beginnings of humankindJohanson, Donald CGN283.25 .J63 1990
Luka Jantjie : resistance hero of the South African frontierShillington, KevinDT1851.L84 S55 2011
MacbethShakespeare, WilliamPR2823 .A2 M78 1984
MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. GregoryHB172.5 .M357 2013
MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. GregoryHB172.5 .M357 2016
Macroeconomics : principles & applicationsHall, Robert ErnestHB172.5 .H346 2013
Magnetism & ElectricityFossB1120 2009
Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, 1760 - 1791Brown, Richard D.E208 .M335 2014
Making memory matter : strategies of remembrance in contemporary artSaltzman, LisaN8224 .M45 S25 2006
Making Money: Life Death and Early Modern Trade on Africa's Guines CoastKriger, ColleenHF3920 .Z7 G924 2017
Making sex: body and gender from the Greeks to FreudLaqueur, Thomas WalterHQ1075 .L37 1990
Malik Ambar : power and slavery across the Indian OceanAli, Omar H.DS461.9 .M25 A45 2016
Man and the masses (Masse mensch) : a play of the social revolution in seven ….Toller, ErnstPT2642.O65 M32 1924
ManagementWilliams, ChuckHD31 .W5167 2013
Mao's Last RevolutionMacFarquhar, RoderickDS778.7 .M33 2006
Marriage and Family: The Quest for IntimacyLauer, Robert H.HQ536 .L39 2000
Marriage and Family: The Quest for IntimacyLauer, Robert H.HQ536 .L39 2009
Martha and the Slave CatchersAlonso, HarrietPZ7.1 .A468 2017
Marvelous Machines Making Work EasierMuseum of ScienceB1142 2011
Mathematics for Elementary School TeachersBassarearLB1589 .B345 2001
Matters of choice : Puerto Rican women's struggle for reproductive freedomLópez, Iris OfeliaHQ766.5 .P8 L66 2008
Maus I : a survivor's tale : my father bleeds historySpiegelman, ArtD810 .J4 S643 1991
Maus II : a survivor's tale : and here my troubles beganSpiegelman, ArtD804.3 .S66 1991
Measure what matters : how Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation rock the world with OKRs /Doerr, John E.,HD30.28 .D634 2018
MeasurementFossB1004 2009
Media ethics: issues and casesPatterson, PhilipP94 .M36 2014
Media/impact: an introduction to mass media (10th Edition)Biagi, ShirleyP90 .B489 2012
Media/impact: an introduction to mass media (11th Edition)Biagi, ShirleyP90 .B489 2015
Media/impact: an introduction to mass media (9th Edition)Biagi, ShirleyP90 .B489 2010
Meggs' history of graphic designMeggs, Philip BZ246 .M43 2006
Memoirs of Heinrich SchliemannDeuel, LeoDF212 .S4 D48 1976
Memorials to Shattered Myths: Vietnam to 9/11Senie, Harriet F.NA9347 .S46 2015
Methods & theories of art historyD'Alleva, AnneN380 .D35 2012
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Vis-a-vis : beginning French (6th Edition)Branon, MoniquePC2129 .E5 A48 2015
Vis-a-vis : beginning French (WORKBOOK)PC2129 .E5 A48 2015
Vis-a-vis : beginning French (WORKBOOK)Branon, MoniquePC2129 .E5 B68 2010
Voces de España : antologia literariaMendez/ Harpring/ BallesterosPC4117 .P274 2014
Voces de Hispanoamérica : antología literariaChang-Rodriguez, RaquelPQ7083 .V59 2004
Voices of freedom : a documentary history (4th Edition) Eric FonerE173 .V645 2014
Voices of freedom : a documentary history (5th Edition) Eric FonerE173 .V645 2016
Wally's Stories: Conversations in the KindergartenPaley, Vivian GussinLB1169 .P24 1981
Warriors Don't Cry: The Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central HighBeals, MelbaLC214.23 .L56
WaterFossB1005 2009
Weather & WaterFossB1111 2009
When Asia Was the WorldGordon, StewartDS5.95 .G67 2009
When the pyramids were built : Egyptian art of the Old KingdomArnold, DorotheaN5350 .A75 1999
Why Homer Matter'sNicolsom, AdamPA4037 .N523 2014
Why translation mattersGrossman, EdithPN241 .G75 2010
Winslow HomerJudge, MaryN6537 .H58 A4 1986
Winslow HomerCikovsky, Nicolai, Jr.N6537 .H58 A4 1995
Winslow HomerCikovsky, Nicolai, Jr.ND237 .H7 C54 1990
Winslow HomerGoodrich, LloydND237 .H7 G58
Winslow HomerHomer, WinslowND237 .H7 G59
Winslow HomerGoodrich, LloydND237 .H7 G6
Winslow HomerHomer, WinslowND237 .H7 W55
Winslow Homer at Prout's NeckBeam, Philip CND237.H7 B4
Winslow Homer in the 1890s : Prout's Neck observedHomer, WinslowND237 .H7 A4 1990b
Winslow Homer watercolorsCooper, Helen A.ND1839 .H6 A4 1986
Winslow Homer, a biographyRipley, ElizabethND237 .H7 R5
Winslow Homer, a portraitGould, JeanND237 .H7 G65
Winslow Homer, American artistGardner, Albert Ten EyckND237 .H7 G3
Winslow Homer's images of Blacks : the Civil War and Reconstruction yearsWood, Peter HND237 .H7 A4 1988a
Women and politics in the age of the democratic revolution /Harriet B. ApplewhiteHQ1236.5.E85 W64 1993
Women and the public sphere in the age of the French RevolutionLandes, Joan B.,HQ1391 .F7 L36 1988
Women in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1795Darline Gay LevyHQ1616.W65
Wood & PaperFossB1114 2009
Works of Martin Luther, with introductions and notesLuther, MartinBR330 .E4 1915
World Politics: Interests, Interactions, InstitutionsFriedan; Lake; SchultzJZ1242 .F748 2019
Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A Companion Reader (Volume 2) (2nd Edition)Bulliet;Crossley; Headrick…D21 .W939 2016
Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: Beginnings Through the Fifteenth Century (Volume 1) Bulliet;Crossley; Headrick…D21 .T53 2014
Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: From 1000 CE to the Present (Volume 2) (4th Edition)Bulliet;Crossley; Headrick…D21 .T54 2014
Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: From 1000 CE to the Present (Volume 2) (Concise Edition)Bulliet;Crossley; Headrick…D21 .T53 2013
Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: From the Beginnings of Humankind to the Present (Volume 1&2) (Concise Edition)Bulliet;Crossley; Headrick…D21 .T53 2015
Writing About MoviesGocsik, KarenPN1995 .G547 2016
Writing history : a guide for students (5th Edition)Storey, William KelleherD16 .S864 2016
Writing In The Life Sciences: A Critical Thinking ApproachGreene, LaurenceR118 .G74 2010
Writing in the Sciences: Exploring Conventions of Scientific DiscoursePenrose, Ann M.T11 .P393 2010
Writing in the Social SciencesMuller, JakePE1479 .S62 M85 2010
Yes means yes!: visions of female sexual power & a world without rapeJaclyn FriedmanHQ29 .Y47 2008
You are all free : the Haitian revolution and the abolition of slaveryPopkin, Jeremy D.F1923 .P67 2010



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