Donor Honor Roll: July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009

Friends of the City College Library::
Donor Honor Roll: between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009

We are sincerely grateful to all those who have generously supported the City College Library this year. Private gifts play a crucial role, enabling the Library collections to continue to grow. We wish to offer our donors special recognition for all they have done.

The gifts listed below represent the vital commitment of individuals to the Library. Donors of both monetary gifts and collections are listed according to the total amount of their library donations.

This Donor Honor Roll lists gifts received by the Library between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.

$1,000+ (FOUNDER)

Bernard Bernbaum ’34
David Bushler ’56
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning $1,000+ (FOUNDER)
Irven Rinard in memory of Jacque Dean
Suzy Rudich in Memory of Norman Rudich
Eugene Sarver
Edward Silverman & Amy Dombro

$500-$999 (PATRON)

Gary Benenson
Diane Cole
CUNY Dominican Studies Institute
Louise Rice
Marion Rothenberg ’48

$250-$499 (FRIEND)

Harriet Alonso
Joyce Gelb


Gabriel Christian and Pond Casse Press
Judy Connorton
Robert Laurich
Christopher Mitchell
Martin E. Segal Theatre Center,
CUNY Graduate Center The Rifkind Center for the Humanities and the Arts
Stanley A. Waren ’38

$100-$149 (REGULAR MEMBER)

Michael Avramides
Martin Schulman ’63
Charles Stewart
Rosamond L. Wilen


Iyabo Alabi-Isama
Maxime Blanchard
Diana Boco
C. Ben Bosah
Edward R. Camp
Ana Maria Cobos
George Cortesi
Barbara J. Dunlap
Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr.,
U.S. Bank Foundation for the University of Cincinnati
Barbara Hanning
William F.Jaenike
Giftus John
Sharafadeen Kashimawo
Milca Lopez
Ann Matney
Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Ras Mo
Marjorie Munsterberg
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Paramount Printers
Recital Publications
Thomas Roma
Esteban Sandoval
Ira Spaulding
Gary Thalheimer

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Please notify Library Development at (212) 650-7271 of any errors or omissions

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