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Law & Legal Studies: Locating Books on the Shelf

Information relating to the subjects of Law and Legal Studies.

Reading Call Numbers

Law & Legal Studies Books at CCNY

We use the Library of Congress call number system to organize more than one millions items in the CCNY libraries. The first letter(s) in the call number of a book indicate which subject area the book belongs to. Law and legal studies related books start with the letter 'K" and are located in Cohen Library. Some areas of political science may be of interest to law and legal studies research. Political Science related books start with the call letter "J". It can be fun to browse the shelves, but if you're in a hurry, you'll save time by looking up the call numbers of the specific books you need as there a thousands of books in some of these sections and some of them may be checked out.

Located on the 2nd Floor of Cohen Library

K= Law

J= Political Science

LAW Call Number Breakdown


K                             Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, International Trade, Human Rights


KD-KDK                British and Irish Law


KDZ                        Law of the Americas (OAS, NAFTA)


KE                          Canadian Law (federal)


KEA-KEY               Law of Canadian provinces and territories (e.g., KEA is law of Alberta, KEB is law of British Columbia)


KF                           United States Law


KF16-153              Legislative Documents, Statutes, Reports


KF154-170           Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Formbooks


KF220-224           Criminal Trials


KF240-251           Legal Research and Writing


KF261-334           Legal Education and Legal Profession


KF332                   State Bar Journals


KF350-382           U.S. Legal History and Jurisprudence


KF398-418           Equity, Conflict of Laws


KF501-553           Domestic Relations, Family Law


KF560-720           Property


KF726-780           Trusts, Estate Planning, Wills


KF801-1241         Contracts


KF1246-1327       Torts


KF1341-1480       Agency, Associations, Corporations


KF1501-1548       Bankruptcy


KF1601-1668       Trade Regulation, Antitrust


KF1681-2940       Regulated Industries


KF2971-3192       Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademark & Patent Law


KF3301-3580       Labor Law, Employment Discrimination


KF3941-3977       Public Safety


KF4101-4257       Education Law


KF4501-5130       Constitutional Law


KF5300-5332       Local Government Law


KF5336-5398       Government Employees


KF5500-5865       Public Property, Public Restraints on Private Property


KF6200-6795       Public Finance, Taxation


KF7201-7755       National Defense, Military Law


KF8201-8228       Indian Law


KF8700-8807       Court Organization and Procedure


KF8810-9075       Civil Procedure






J              General legislative and executive papers


JA           Political science (General)


JC            Political theory


JF            Political institutions and public administration


JJ             Political institutions and public administration (North America)


JK            Political institutions and public administration (United States)


JL            Political institutions and public administration (Canada, Latin America, etc.)


JN           Political institutions and public administration (Europe)


JQ           Political institutions and public administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)


JS            Local government/Municipal government


JV           Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration


JX            International law, see JZ and KZ (obsolete)


JZ            International relations


Note: Most public libraries do not own Law textbooks, however a professor may have put a copy on reserve loan (2hrs) in Cohen.