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CCNY Libraries are open regular hours. Access is limited to CCNY ID holders only.

Sharing Database Links

Where to find links and when to use a proxy prefix.

Sharing Database Links

Most of the Library's subscribed databases offer links to their content. You can use links to share articles and E-books without having to manage downloads or worry about copyright issues.

This guide will show you where to find and generate subscribed content links for sharing content with your students, classmates, and colleagues.

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Download the TLC's Guide on How to Link in Blackboard

City College's Teaching and Learning Center has created a handout on Linking CCNY Library Sources To Blackboard.
Click below to download the PDF. You can also visit the TLC's homepage for more info.

OneSearch Links

CUNY OneSearch records contain a permalink along with the sharing and citation tools. It looks like the classic chain link. 
Keep in mind that these are bibliographic records and will require extra clicks to get to the full text if the item is an eBook or journal article. 
Click the link icon to call up the permalink or email the item directly by clicking the email icon.

Screenshot of a onesearch record.

Start at the Library Homepage -

Use the City College Libraries landing page - -  as your starting point to ensure that the databases recognize you as a member of the City College Community. Whether you use JSTOR, Google Scholar, or any of the numerous CCNY resources, make sure you use the Library links either from the A-Z Database list or OneSearch. 

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Proxy Login

For off-campus access,  The City College Libraries use a proxy login for patrons to access the electronic resources. Whether you follow a link in OneSearch, access a database directly through the A-Z Database list, or follow a direct link provided by the database itself, you are required to login to identify yourself as a member of the City College community. 

Login Method - City College email address and password

Use your City College email address and password  to access electronic books and articles. Once you log in, the system will recognize your user information and you will not have to log in again during your research session, even if you switch between databases.


Adding a proxy to a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or a Stable URL


Most of the major databases offer a permanent link with the City College proxy information already embedded. Those that do not may include a DOI or a Stable URL you will need to add to a proxy prefix to build a custom link. A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or a Stable URL is a permanent URL that is often appended to an article or citation so that readers can always find a copy of an item. Some DOIs and Stable URLs lead to an open access resource that is free to all users. Oftentimes, the DOI will push to a database with a paywall. If the article lives in a journal or database that City College subscribes to, you can create a starting point URL by adding the City College Library's proxy prefix in front of the DOI.  

Create a Starting Point URL by adding Proxy Prefix to the Target URL

Create a starting point URL by adding the City College Library's proxy prefix in front of the DOI or Stable URL
Proxy Prefix:
Stable URL:
Starting Point URL: