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Sharing Database Links

Where to find links and when to use a proxy prefix.

Springer Links

Springer has its own version of a DOI link called a SharedIt link.

Generate the link by clicking Share article  on the right-hand side of the record. 

A screenshot of a SpringerLink article with the Share Article button on the right-hand column.

This link will work anywhere on campus, or at any institution that subscribes to Springer, but off-campus access requires a proxy prefix. 

A screenshot of the Springer platform's SharedIt link.

Create a starting point URL by adding the City College Library's proxy prefix in front of the shareable link  (the target URL) listed in the Springer record.

Add the City College LIbrary's proxy prefext to the target URL connected to the licensed content.

CCNY Library's EZ Proxy Prefix:

Target URL:

New Starting point URL:

City College community members will then be able to log into the proxy to access the content.