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Finding OER: Search Tools

Search Tips

  • The resources below function as search engines across many different repositories of open educational resources (OER).
  • All of these search tools compile video resources, but OASIS offers a specific filter for video materials.
    • To filter your search for videos, enter your query into the search bar on the OASIS homepage. After clicking the "Search" button to run your search, scroll to "Type" in the lefthand "Filters" column. Click "Video," and OASIS will show all of the video materials available in its catalog for your specific query.
    • To browse all videos in OASIS, scroll to the section below the search bar where you will find icons and headers such as "Textbooks," "Courses," and "Course Materials." Click the right arrow twice until you find the "Videos" button. There you can find all video resources linked to the platform.