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Latin American Political Development

Search Strategies

Search Strategies

At the beginning of your search, have a plan. To get started, try the following search strategies

  • Subject Terms / 5Ws & 1 H 
    • Identify subjects terms or keywords related. Come up with a few Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How's. 
  • General Search
    • Get some general background on your subject. Check news sources, information-based websites, or reference works (encyclopedias and dictionaries).
  • Try OneSearch
    • Search your subject terms in OneSearch. 
  • Try the databases.
    • Databases are subject or content-specific. There are databases for each discipline. 
  • Numbers and Statistics
    • Think about who might produce the figures you are looking for - government agencies, states & cities, organizations and associations, non-profits, and trade organizations.
  • Check References
    • If you find a really good article, check the references for good related items.