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CCNY Libraries are open regular hours. Access is limited to CCNY ID holders only.

Instructional Services

Library Instruction

Library sessions can be conducted either online or in-person. Please indicate your preference on the request form. Request a class here.

CCNY Librarians teach a variety of types of instruction sessions. All library classes tailored to meet the needs of your students in support of their research assignment. Library classes are held in computer labs and include hands-on and interactive time so that students will have time to practice what is taught in class with feedback from librarian.

Library instruction classes can be requested by filling out the Information Literacy Request Form. Find out more about the information literacy program below.

Program Mission Statement

The CCNY libraries information literacy program serves students, faculty, and staff by supporting the instructional mission of the Library, the College, and the University. Our mission is to teach students to think critically about information for their academic, professional, and personal lives.

We believe information literacy competency is an essential component to both academic success and success beyond the classroom. Information literacy encompasses a range of skills including recognizing when information is needed, phrasing questions to locate sources, evaluating what is found, and using it ethically and effectively. Information literacy is relevant to all disciplines, learning environments, and levels of education.

We are committed to anticipating and embracing changes in the information and instructional environment and collaborating with the academic community to foster a shared sense of enjoyment and empowerment in the pursuit of research.

The CCNY libraries information literacy program core components are to:

  • Collaborate with teaching faculty to prepare students for academic research.
  • Develop and enhance resources that support and teach information literacy skills, including online tutorials and guides.
  •  Integrate information literacy into the college curricula through scaffolding of information literacy across courses and development and promotion of asynchronous online instruction materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Library Instruction