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Dominican Studies: Sites & Blogs

Links to useful sources in the interdisciplinary field of Dominican Studies.

Dominican-Related Websites and Sites Featuring Dominican Content


Cinema Tropical - This is a New-York Based non-profit media arts organization with the mission of distributing, programming and promoting Latin American cinema. It includes information about Dominican films.

Dominican Film Festival - "The Dominican Film Festival celebrates the best in Dominican cinema with the goal to enrich the artistic experience of New York's diverse cultural audience."

Pelidom - This platform provides access to Dominican films, series, and documentaries by paid subscription.

Queer Latine Voices at Teatro Pregones -  "This film explores how a new millennium for queer identity, expression and storytelling took shape in the South Bronx in the early 2000s. It features interviews with award-winning Latine playwrights, artists and activists."


Border of Lights - "A group of artists, activists, students, teachers, and parents have come together to ´╗┐breathe life to a tragedy [1937 Haitian Genocide] long forgotten, for some, a tragedy they never knew took place."

In Cultured Company - This organization's mission is to "sow the seeds of peace, conflict resolution, reconciliation, collaboration, healing and dialog in young black and Latinx leaders in order to move from a divided past towards a shared future." It provides services to the Haitian-Dominican communities. - (This link goes to their Facebook page). "A movement that campaigns for citizenship rights and equality for all Dominicans of Haitian descent, mobilizes and empowers marginalised communities, and accompanies people who need legal support to access their documents."

We Are All Dominican - "This is a collective of students, educators, scholars, artists, activists, and community members of Dominican and Haitian descent residing in New York City [...] formed in October 2013 in the aftermath of a decision by the Dominican Constitutional Tribunal to revoke the citizenship of Dominicans born to undocumented immigrant parents, the vast majority of whom are of Haitian origin." 

Nos Cambió la Vida | Our Lives Transformed - "This is a digital edition of short autobiographical narratives written by Dominican writers of Haitian descent that have been translated into English." 


Cielo Naranja - This website contains information on Dominican literature, social issues, and culture in general. It provides digital access to Dominican contemporary and historical texts.

Dominican Writers Association - Dominican Writers Association is a platform dedicated to supporting and promoting the works by creative writers of Dominican descent in the genres of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.


De Paso y Repaso - This is a website created by Dominican journalist and poet Marivell Contreras to disseminate current news about the Dominican Republic and its communities abroad. 

ESENDOM - "This website is a bilingual cultural magazine that blends the beauty of Dominican culture with current and past social issues that affect the Dominican community today, examining these areas of concern and putting them into perspective."

La Galería Magazine - This website is an online archive of essays, articles, poems, and short stories published in La Galería Magazine. This was an independent platform that encouraged dialogue, celebrated the community and inspired action among Dominicans of the diaspora. 

Oh, You're Dominican? - "This website is an exploration and celebration of Dominican heritage, culture, identity, and representation created by Suleky Roman."

Spanglish Voces - "It provides a platform for emerging and established writers and artists in need of a space to express their voices." The site features Dominican writers and content.


The Healers Project - This project features interviews with women healers in rural and urban communities in the Dominican Republic, the Pacific Northwest, Cuba and Puerto Rico.


Dominican Abroad - This platform includes information about travel, culture, and lifestyle guides, as well as community social projects in the Caribbean created by Gerry Isabelle, a Dominican American blogger from New York City.

Dominican Blogs


Cocina Dominicana/Dominican Cooking - "This award-winning blog is devoted to sharing a collection of traditional Dominican and Dominican-inspired recipes, home ideas, and crafts." 


Sambumbia - Dominican-Caribbean Genetics and Genealogy - This blog is written by Gerald Alexander López Castellanos, who  has been avidly researching his own family history through genealogy, genetics, and oral history.

Jasmin Kateri - "This blog is run by Jasmin Kateri, a writer and genealogist who through her own family history and research shares helpful resources and genealogy services."


Blogs de Provincias y Ciudades - A list of Dominican provinces and cities organized by


Biblioteca Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi (INTEC) - This blog provides information on acquisitions, events and bibliographical news at the INTEC Library in the Dominican Republic.


100 Años de Hilma Contreras - This blog by the Department of Social Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), is dedicated to the work of Dominican writer Hilma Contreras.

Buena Lectura - News and literary criticism of Dominican authors and others.


Jazz en Dominicana - This blog is dedicated to promoting the talents of the jazz genre in the Dominican Republic, in the country and abroad.

Juan Colón Music - This blog highlights musical talents and musical creation from the Dominican Republic .