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FIQWS - Calling and Career: Designing Your Self In Society

Fall 2018 class focusing on career and vocation.

Calling and Career: Designing Your Self in Society

Are you researching a company, the need for labor in your chosen field, or do you want to know where the job growth is in your part of the country? Do you know what you want to do, or are you still figuring it out? Career and vocation search has many different stages and scopes. This guide will help you get started with some recommended resources.

First, explore the City College Career and Professional Development Institute. It has a Jobs and Internships Board available for students, recent grads and alumni called CCNY Career Connections. The Institute also organizes recruiting events throughout the year.

Find a Book in OneSearch

1. Simple Search on the Homepage

Type the title and/or author's name in the OneSearch box on the CCNY Library's homepage .

Let's search for A People's History of the United States.

Screen grab of the OneSearch search box on the CCNY Library homepage.


Depending on the search, you may get multiple results.

As you can see here, the words people's history of the United States deliver almost 2 million results, but the book appears as the second item on the list of results. 

OneSearch search results screen

For more targeted results, do an Advanced Search


2. Advanced Search

Advanced Search appears next to the search box in the basic search screen. Click it to get to the Advanced Search screen. 

Advanced search offers three search fields with pulldowns to focus what it is you ar searching.

This search focuses on Title, Author/Creator, and Resource type .