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Writing for the Social Sciences

Research guide for Writing for the Social Sciences (ENG 21002) & Sociology

Prof. Nicholas' Class

Questions & Answers from our library session:

1. How do I find a topic when there are not a lot of results?
Change your database and try different keywords. Sometimes Google Scholar is good as a last ditch effort. Some alternative keywords for "the great resignation" could be "economic downturn" or "gig economy" AND "covid-19"; the idea is that you have to play with words to get better results.

2. How do I choose the right database?
There is really no one "right" database. You start with the popular ones and work your way to more specific ones. It all depends on your topic.

3. What about websites that are easily accessible outside of campus?
The more reliable research information is going to be found via the library databases. This information has been vetted and checked for accuracy. In the even that you need outside information, check out some government, educational or cultural institutions.

4. How can I cite my paper?
You can cut and paste bibliographic info when you're in the databases OR you can use RefWorks (especially if you're compiling a big list). You can double check your entries at the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).

5. How can I learn more about the Wall Street Journal?
Go to the Databases A-Z List and go to W. The Wall Street Journal is listed there along with instructions for how to sign up.