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Architecture Library


The patron who checks out the equipment is solely responsible for its safe return in good condition and will be held financially liable for theft, loss, or damage. Equipment must be checked in by a library staff member. Library staff will verify that the equipment was returned in good condition and that no accessories are missing.

Overdue Fines

CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture students, faculty, and staff are responsible for all materials checked out on their CCNY Library account. Patrons assume the responsibility of keeping track of due dates and returning materials on time. If an item is lost or damaged, the library should be contacted immediately.

  • Overdue fines: $0.10 cents per minute up to $50.00

Replacement Costs

If equipment is overdue, we will make three attempts to contact you by phone and e-mail. If we do not hear from you after these attempts, the full replacement costs of the equipment will be assessed to your library account and CUNYFirst.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

  • Unpaid fines can result in suspension of borrowing privileges, cancellation of registration, blocked transcripts, and delayed graduation.
  • Patrons who return equipment late two times during a semester will have their borrowing privileges revoked until the next semester.

Need technical support assistance?

Submit a ticket with the CCNY Office of Information Technology, Service Desk (ext. 7878 or for software requests or IT support. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

The CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture provides laptops and A/V equipment for current architecture students, faculty, and staff via the Architecture Library (Room 101). Laptops are internally equipped with WiFi for use where wireless access exists. All laptops are loaded with the architectural software that is currently installed in SSA Computer labs: 37 software, and 13 Rhino Plugins. Library staff are NOT IT technicians, and will not provide any technical support at time of checkout... for IT support, submit a ticket with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), Service Desk (ext. 7878) or

Borrower Requirements

  • CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture students, faculty, and staff (ONLY)
  • EMPLID ID number is required to book equipment
  • Only patrons who present a valid CCNY ID card are eligible to borrow equipment.
  • Patrons must have a library account in good standing (i.e. under $25.00 in fines).
  • Patrons must book at least 1 week in advance – Resources are limited!
  • Same day requests will NOT be fulfilled.

Online booking requests are processed Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm