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Digital Scholarship

Work With Us

Thank you for your interest in working with us.  We offer services on the following:

  • Platform consultation and set-up
  • Metadata and cataloging practices
  • Digital collection databases and exhibits
  • Server hosting

We are eager to learn about your project. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please fill out the project request form, bearing in mind size and scope will determine when and if we are able to take on your project.

For any questions, contact us at

We look forward to working with you!

  • Digital databases on JSTOR Forum, built to archive a wide range of materials such as photographs, audio, video, and documents
  • Web exhibitions on Omeka, created to feature items from JSTOR Forum collections

At the moment, we focus on two platforms: JSTOR Forum and Omeka. If you are interested in working with other digital tools, please contact us. We are glad to discuss additional ways DSS can support your project, or refer you to other resources.

  • Consultation (e.g., building metadata structures for JSTOR Forum, brainstorming web exhibitions for Omeka)
  • Project set-up (e.g., creating project site on JSTOR Forum, setting up Omeka website on our server)
  • User access (e.g., registering new users for JSTOR Forum and Artstor, adding users to Omeka, troubleshooting login errors)
  • Content maintenance (e.g., formatting text on Omeka webpage, batch uploading media to JSTOR Forum)
  • If applicable, funding application collaboration (e.g., drafting language that describes our services, providing budget estimates)
  • Group or individual training for Omeka
  • Equipment rentals
  • Course-based student projects
  • Programming
  • Animation

Timelines for past projects we have supported range widely and depend on many factors. Because of this, we do not provide estimates. Instead, we work closely with all project leads to determine a specific project timeline together.

On our Project Request Form, let us know your projected completion date. We will work with you to find a timeline that fits your project goals best.

We are glad to offer administrative support at any time following the project's completion, such as registering new users and troubleshooting server issues.

However, for design changes and content updates to past projects, please send us a new request through our Project Request Form and indicate the type of change on the form. Similar to onboarding a new project, we will review your goals and our calendar, and be in touch with next steps.


Last updated: January 2022