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Sciame Lecture Series Bibliographies

Fall 2015: Curricular Research

September 17
Andres Jaque
Daily Life of Archipolitics

September 24
Marie Law Adams + Dan Adam
Landing Industry

October 1
Maria Hurtado de Mendoza
Fuzzy bounded

October 15
Shawn Rickenbacker
Agile Trajectories

October 22
Ivan Rupnik
Opening Works and Un-Finishing Figures

October 29
Judith Leclerc + Jamie Coll
COLL-LECLERC, A Barcelona Contemporary Practice

Spring 2015: Faculty Talks

February 5
Jeremy Edmiston
Skin Deep

February 19
Elisabetta Terragni
Mind the Gaps

February 26
Julio Salcedo
Economies in Post-Packaging

March 5
June Williamson
Malls, Metros and the Elusive Middle

March 12
Christian Volkmann
About Some ~ thing

March 19
Michael Meredith
MOS, Recent Work

March 26
Claire Weisz
Crossing Architecture