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Public Health: Databases and Journals

CUNY School of Public Health

There are 3 main ways to search for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles-- through a specific database, through a specific journal, or through CUNY's OneSearch catalog. On this page you will find details on accessing all three. Please see the Search Tips page for guidance on searching databases.

Not sure where to start? Have a look at CCNY Libraries' Research Toolkit.


Below is a list of some of the most commonly used databases for Public Health related research. Please see the A-Z Databases Page for a full list of databases you have access to via CCNY Libraries.

E Journals

If you are looking for a particular journal, follow the first link below to search a full list of the electronic journals available to you. The second link will take you straight to our health and biological sciences related journals. Relevant journals include theAmerican Journal of Public HealthJournal of Public Health PolicyAmerican Journal of EpidemiologyJournal of Health and Social BehaviorJournal of Occupational Health PsychologyQualitative Health Research, and many more!

Follow the links below to view a full list of journals or to view a list of just the health related ones.


                        OneSearch Venn Diagram

What is OneSearch? OneSearch combines in one place three things: the CUNY library book catalog; a massive index of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers; and unique digital content from the library. The purpose is to allow patrons to search quickly and seamlessly across a vast range of local and remote content. Follow the link below to search OneSearch, but please note that your search might be better suited to subject-specific databases. You do not need to log in to anything in order to search OneSearch.

How to find an article with a citation

These are steps you can take to find a specific article for which you have a citation.

  • Search for the article inOneSearch. If the article is accessible, it may come up in the results. However, OneSearch does not pull from 100% of the databases we offer, so there is a chance it may not. Please see above for details on OneSearch.
  • Search for the journal the article is published in. If we have access to the journal, the results will show the various databases through which you can search or browse that specific journal. Please see above for details on journal searching.

Below is where you would find the journal in a typical AMA style citation:

Crosby JC, Heimann MA, Burleson SL, et al. COVID-19: A review of therapeutics under investigation [published online ahead of print, 2020 Apr 19]. J Am Coll Emerg Physicians Open. 2020;10.1002/emp2.12081. doi:10.1002/emp2.12081

Journal names are abbreviated. This is the Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open. 

Don't forget that if the article is not available, you can request it via ILL!