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English 210: Writing for Science

Tips and Tricks

Search Google  using a Site Operator 

6 google Tricks

The New York Times posted a story titled 6 Google Tricks... that includes two tricks that can reduce your search time.

  1. Search a phrase by putting quotations marks around it e.g., "death penalty"
  2. Quickly search a website using a site operator function which is the site name and subject term separated by a colon, e.g., 6 Google Tricks

Searching OneSearch (Primo)

Most databases have certain basic functions. In addition to searching a phrase by binding it in quotation marks (some use parentheses), you can connect subject terms with the words and, or, & not as a way to refine your search. 

OneSearch is CUNY's branding for a discovery tool called Primo, which offers  a page on how to do a simple search.

Search OneSearch