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Advanced Quantitative Methods PSM B1620

Social Explorer Steps

Create a Table in Social Explorer

Go to Social Explorer and click the following


  • Tables 
  • American Community Surveys (5-Year Estimates)
  • American Community Surveys (ACS) 2017-2021 (5-Year Estimates) - Begin Report
  • Select a geographic type: (Show all geographies) - Click the pulldown where it says Nation to get more geographic types
  • 140 Censue Tract - Select a state - Select a County 
  • Select one or more geographic areas - choose the Individual Census Tracts 
    • Note:  Use the Neighborhood Tabulation Areas (NTAs) to determine what Census Tracts make up your neighborhood. According to the NTA spreadsheet, the Highbridge neighborhood in the Bronx is made of the following 5 Census Tracts 189, 193, 199, 201, 211.
  • Proceed to Tables
  • Choose Tables
  • Generate results
  • Click the Excel tab to download in Excel

Below is the table on Median Household Income by Race in the Highbridge section of the Bronx.

Highbridge median income by race chart