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General Science & Technology Web Resources Guide


Welcome to the City College General Science & Technology Web Resources Page


These websites, designed for the lay audience, are helpful for non-scientists and non-engineers who are interested in or want to learn about science and technology.

Nearly all of these websites are free. The few databases that are restricted to City College students, faculty and staff are noted with either a CCNY Libraries icon or a CUNY icon.

Most of these tabs are self explanatory. But it is sometimes hard to describe what a tab covers in a single word or short phrase.

The Everyday Things tab has several websites that describe what many household things are made of and how they work.

Health & Medicine tab can help you with your personal health. Here you can see the nutritional content of all foods. Safety information about food additives. Need to lose weight? If so you can see how many calories you burn in a day and how exercise can help. Have questions about abuse and addiction to drugs, both the legal and illicit kind. You will find help under this tab.

Dictionaries tab has several specialized glossaries some of which have striking full-color illustrations.

The Science Projects tab shows how you can use idle time on your computer to advance science. So please investigate this resources page by clicking on these tabs to see what may be interesting and helpful for you.

Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
Marie Curie
Niels Bohr
Lise Meitner
Linus Pauling
Charles Darwin
Alfred Russel Wallace
Rosalind Franklin
Michael Faraday
James Clerk Maxwell
Nicola Tesla
James Watt
John Augustus Roebling
George Goethals
Robert Koch
George Papanicolaou
Virginia Apgar



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