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Tech, Work and Family

Tech, Work, and Family - Fall 2020 FIQWS

Studies about the balance of technology, work, and family may not have considered how a pandemic might affect the work-life balance, but they will now.  Remote learning has entered the picture along with Covid and writing about all those subject may require that you pull some peer-reviewed articles about work-family balance and add separate research and reporting about Covid and remote learning. Although research and studies about the effects of the crisis on work and home life will emerge in the years and decades to come, posing new questions and seeking answers to those questions through research and discussion is how new knowledge is created.

You may want to search current sources about how work and study has changed. For example, The New York Times devotes a section of its website to School Reopenings.

Search OneSearch on the City College Libraries homepage at  to cast a wide net  for books and articles that study the different aspect of technology, work, and family. Then you can  search databases that cover subjects such as  sociology, psychology, gender, and public health. 

Below  is a list of databases that may be of interest.  Follow the tabs to the left for Ebook links and where to find data from and The Pew Center.