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Building Your Syllabus for Online Instruction

Adding Ebooks to your Syllabus?

Students might not have access to physical books, especially reserve books, if the library building is closed or if there are limits to access. The links below can assist you in choosing ebooks that are readily available at City College:

The information below outlines key concepts to keep in mind when requesting e-books via CCNY LibrariesTo get help ordering an ebook, contact your subject librarian here or on the navigation tab/bar at left or above.


  • Vendor licensing agreements regulate how libraries may provide patrons with access to e-books (and other resources).
  • The cost of an e-book for one user, multiple simultaneous users, or unlimited users is not the same as the cost of a single user e-book for an individual.


  • Not all print books are available as e-books.
  • Although an e-book may be available to individuals via one platform, that platform may not be available to institutions. Consequently, it may not be possible for the library to acquire an institutional copy for our patrons.
  • Textbooks publishers prefer not to allow multiple simultaneous or unlimited usage.

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