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Ravi Shankar Collection

Archives and special collections related to Ravi Shankar available at CCNY

Events & Exhibitions

"Music from the Archives: the Ravi Shankar tapes"

In April 2018, CCNY Libraries presented the ‘Concert for Ravi Shankar’ to celebrate the recent completion of a collaborative digitization project working with the Ravi Shankar Foundation. Now that the 75 reel-to-reel tape recordings of Shankar's historic CCNY lectures have been digitized, we are beginning the work of making them remotely accessible to our patrons (stay tuned!) 

In case you missed it, please enjoy some highlights from the Shankar collection including audio snippets below :


(1) an example of Shankar lecturing/singing,


(2) an example of Shankar leading one of the singing demonstrations,

(3) an example of a lecture-demonstration with tablist Alla Rahka


(4) an example of a lecture-demonstration with sarodist Aashish Khan

and (5) an example of a performance with Shankar playing sitar



The full contents of the materials may be accessed at either the campus music library or the Archives & Special Collections division – interested patrons can schedule a consultation by emailing Michael Crowley or Sydney Van Nort.

For more information on the Ravi Shankar Collection, please visit the Ravi Shankar research guide.


Slideshow photos

Photo 1: CCNY Archives & Special collections: Elise Barnett's personal papers​

Photo 2: CCNY Archives & Special collections: Elise Barnett's personal papers​

Photo 3: CCNY Archives & Special collections: Alumnus Magazine, December 1967, cover.

Photo 4: CCNY Archives & Special collections: Alumnus Magazine, December 1967, 9.

Photo 5: Ravi Shankar headshot: used with permission from the Ravi Shankar Foundation.​




Ravi Shankar Foundation — Encinitas, Calif.

Awarded: $15,000

The Ravi Shankar Foundation, in partnership with East Meets West Music and the City College of New York Archives and Special Collections, will preserve rare and previously unavailable Ravi Shankar audio — currently held on 76 reels in CCNY's Music Library — by digitizing, transcribing and making accessible the lectures and performances the GRAMMY® winner gave as a visiting professor at City College of New York in 1967–1968.