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CCNY Libraries are open regular hours. Access is limited to CCNY ID holders only.

Ravi Shankar Collection

Archives and special collections related to Ravi Shankar available at CCNY

Instructions for CCNY and CUNY patrons

Digital copies of the Ravi Shankar lecture recordings and course documents are accessible to all CUNY library patrons through the Artstor Digital Library database. For CCNY library patrons, visit the library website and choose the link for "Databases"

Library Website front page, Databases highlighted

You will be redirected to the Databases A-Z page, our comprehensive list of subscription databases. Scroll down and find the Artstor Digital Library database and select the link. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to login using your CCNY User ID (your CCNY email address) and password. Once logged on, you will be redirected to the Artstor interface. To access the Hatch-Billops collection, choose the "Browse" menu and select "Institutional Collections."

Artstor interface, Browse menu, Institutional collections selected

This will display a list of CUNY digital collections accessible through Artstor. Select "CCNY Ravi Shankar Course Lectures" to access the entire collection. 

Artstor list of institutional collections, Ravi Shankar course lectures selected

Now you can browse the entire Ravi Shankar collection online. (Tip: Sort by Title in order to display by sub-collections: 1) Concert recordings; 2) Course Primer; 3) Graduate Lecture recordings; 4) Undergraduate Lecture recordings); 5) Master class recordings.)

You can also search Artstor in order to find a specific recording or document, using the titles listed elsewhere on this guide (e.g., "Graduate Lecture 5").    

Instructions for Researchers not affiliated with CCNY or CUNY

Access requests from researchers outside of CUNY will be handled on a case-by-case basis. To request access, please email